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Print your own thank you stickers!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I bet you've noticed resellers printing their own "thank you" stickers.

Not only is this method extremely cost efficient(we're talking $.005 per sticker), they're also more eco-friendly than other stickers on the market because they don't use any ink; Keep in mind that thermal printers can only print designs in black.

I've put together this quick guide to help you through the process! Starting with purchasing the right supplies and ending in your new favorite way to brand outgoing sales.

The two main things you will need are:

A thermal label printer (dymo, rollo, etc.)

A roll of 2-1/4" x 1-1/4" thermal multipurpose labels (Click here to buy from Amazon)

Have your printer & labels at the ready? The next step is finding a graphic to print on the labels. If you're creatively inclined, go ahead and design your own graphic using the dimensions listed (2-1/4" x 1-1/4") in any design software or app.

If you're not interested in making your own design, I've created some sticker designs that you can print on your labels. These digital download files are available instantly after purchase!

It's time to get printing!

  • Install the roll of labels just as you would regular shipping labels (make sure they fit snug and there is no wiggle room)

  • Open the image of the graphic on your computer

  • Press CTRL + P on your keyboard or right click the image and select "Print"

  • Select the paper size that matches the label size, in this instance we're using (2-1/4" x 1-1/4")

  • If you are printing a vertical graphic, set the orientation to "landscape"

  • If you are printing a horizontal graphic, set the orientation to "portrait"

  • Page margins should be "Normal"

  • Fit should be "Fill Page"

  • Photo size should be "Full Page"

  • Ensure that the print preview looks correct before printing

  • Print one label to test that the sticker options selected are correct

  • If the sticker looks good, repeat the process and print away! (Check all of the print properties each time you print additional labels because they will revert back to the default size and orientation)

  • If you are switching between printing vertical and horizontal designs on the same roll of labels, make sure to choose the correct orientation for each design!

  • Additionally, make sure that you remove the sticker labels before printing new shipping labels-- or you'll end up with miniature shipping labels. I learned this the hard way, haha.

Now that you've printed your own stickers, it's time to add them onto your packages and show them off on Instagram! Don't forget to tag me @allywanderlandthrifts so I can see them in use.


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