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Hi, it's me. Your new favorite tool, the Reseller Sales Tracker.

DO YOU SELL ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS and have difficulty tracking your daily, weekly, or monthly sales totals? Welcome to your new favorite tool, The Reseller Sales Tracker. A spreadsheet designed for use in Microsoft Excel (can also be uploaded to Google Sheets) to monitor your business profits.

CREATED BY A RESELLER FOR RESELLERS so you know that your business needs are understood. It’s time to put the calculator down because this spreadsheet is crafted with powerful formulas to do the work for you. Simply enter in your sales on the sales page and watch the calculations begin. Track important metrics such as: running daily sales total, # of items sold per day/platform/month/year, monthly & annual asp (average sale price), PLUS monthly goal tracking & so much more.

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE LAYOUT to fit your individual needs. The spreadsheet comes in a neutral coffee theme, but all style aspects can be adjusted to your preference. Edit the font style & size, change the coloring to match your business, or add columns for additional platforms you sell on. Not tech savvy? Don't worry, I have a guide that can walk you through making these minor changes.

SHOULD I USE MICROSOFT EXCEL OR GOOGLE SHEETS? Each program has their own pros & cons, so here’s a run-down of the most important features to assist with making that choice. For Microsoft Excel, an active license is required to edit this spreadsheet. If you do not have an active license, you will need to purchase it from the Microsoft online store. Excel offers the capability to bulk edit pages (incredibly easy to change fonts, colors, text sizes, etc.) To access the spreadsheet across multiple devices, you will need to save the spreadsheet to your OneDrive or iCloud account. Saving in these locations will allow you to access this spreadsheet on any device where you have access to your OneDrive or iCloud account. Additionally, the spreadsheet will auto-save after any change when saved to a OneDrive or iCloud account. You will need to manually save the changes if it is only saved to your computer. Excel is my personal preference as it offers more functions than Google Sheets. For Google Sheets, you will simply need a Gmail account to access & edit this spreadsheet. The downloadable file will come in an excel format which you will need to upload into your Google Drive account. To access google sheets, navigate to in your browser’s address bar. A google sheets spreadsheet can be accessed from any device where you access your Google account. Any changes made to the spreadsheet in google sheets will auto-save. There is no bulk edit option, so changing colors, fonts or text styles is not as efficient as Excel.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

The pages included in this spreadsheet are as follows:

Summary page

  • Quick glance header

    1. Year to date sales total

    2. Annual sales goal

    3. Goal progress tracker

    4. Highest & lowest sales day

  • Summary table provides easy access to monthly statistics

    1. Gross sales

    2. Total # of items sold

    3. Average sale price

    4. Average profit margin

    5. Net profit

    6. YTD totals

    7. Monthly averages

  • Visual sales chart featuring YTD sales & goal tracking

  • Visual chart displaying 25 highest grossing brands for the year

Sales page

  • You will log each sale on this page

  • Required fields: date, price & platform

  • Optional fields: fees, listing title, sku, brand, size, category, cog, inventory

  • Automated fields: earnings, profit & pm(profit margin)

Monthly pages

  • Quick glance header

    1. Month to date sales total

    2. Monthly sales goal

    3. Goal progress tracker

    4. Total # of items sold

    5. Highest & lowest sales day

  • Total sales featuring detailed breakdown # of items sold per platform per day

  • Visual sales chart featuring day by day sales trends & goal tracking

  • Visual chart displaying 10 highest grossing brands for the month


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