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a full-ish-time reseller with a focus on clothing & accessories. Over the last decade I've dabbled in multiple online ventures such as wholesale craft supplies, hair ties, iron-on patches, glitter dipped cups, vintage clothing & even a bit of  freelance graphic design + website building.


After selling a few vintage items and realizing there was a market for secondhand clothing-- I spent all of my free time (outside of working my full time call center job) bingeing youtube videos to learn as much as I could. Just a few months later I decided to quit that corporate job and dive head first into my own resale business.

Taking that leap of faith to work for myself was one of the best decisions I've ever made. These days I get to work from home in my pajamas with my son and four cats. Plus if I ever need to take the day off, my boss always lets me! Although when I'm not home, you can find me on a sourcing road trip hunting down levi's or overfilling a few goodwill outlet carts. 


Thanks for stopping by, and I cant wait to connect with you.

xo, ally.

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